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Capital Taxis – Take Advantage of our Corporate e-Booking Service
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Capital Taxis – Our Ring Back Service

At Capital Taxis we use “Ring Back” to make our clients life that much easier...

What is Ring Back?
Ring Back is a great time saving device that lets you know when your taxi is outside waiting for you – without you having to step outside and wait!

How does Ring Back work?
When you book your taxi with Capital, our operator will ask you whether or not you require Ring Back.

  • Ring Back can work with either your mobile telephone or landline.
  • Your phone ring twice when your taxi is outside waiting for you.

Ring Back is ideal if you are getting ready for an evening out or live in a higher rise building. Not only does it allow prompt service, but it also gives you the customer piece of mind: You can wait in the safety of your own home, or even just stay out of the unpredictable British Weather.

Ring Back with Capital Taxis – “making your life easier!”

Need more info? Please contact us for more information, or call us on 01392 43 43 43 / 433 433

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